The Top 10 Best Wedding Entertainment Ideas

quirky photo booth hireA wedding is one of the most special days of your life. You should celebrate it in style. Entertainment is a part of the wedding ceremony that will create a memory not only for you but also for the guests. It should take the best part of the afternoon and through the night and that is why you need to settle for something that is unlikely to get boring too soon. Below are 10 super cool entertainment ideas that you should try on your wedding day.

  1. Photo Booth Hire

Photo booths have been a tradition in many weddings for years and their popularity will not diminish anytime soon. Photo booth for hire tends to create some of fun and laughter as guests take photos during the best part of the evening. The booths usually take in groups of people and the fact that they can have different and inviting props makes them best for the camera shy people.

In most cases, guest might find it hard to come up with words to explain their joy on your achievement. However, with a photo booth, they can share memorable photos captioned with sweet messages that you can put in your guest book. Photos usually create a great memory but unfortunately, a wedding photographer cannot take everyone’s photo. Instead of stressing about that, consider hiring a wedding photo booth where guests can visit at their own time after the ceremony is over.

  1. Quick on the Draw

After the wedding, you will want something to remind you of the big day and the fun you had. Other than the videos and the photos, you can also have a quick on the draw where you can have an artist drawing faces of your guests. You can have a nice art with your family and closest friends. You only have to make sure you create enough time for that.

  1. Wedding DJ

When you have an option of using a live band, a wedding DJ is usually a good idea if you are looking for convenience, wide selection, better volume control, authentic version of songs, and affordable rates. You have to ensure you carefully choose the DJ because he will determine how successful your reception which usually goes for up to four hours.

  1. Kids Entertainment

Kids can be troublesome and in most cases, they will cause trouble during the church ceremony. However, if you want them at your wedding, you will have to find an entertainment way to prevent them from being bored. You can pop in a Disney cartoon to keep them quiet and still and especially during the ceremony.

  1. Super Side Stalls

You can think of something more traditional like having stalls packed with games you loved as a kid. F some of your current friends are from your childhood; you can trust that it is going to be super fun.

  1. Abracadabra

Thinking outside the box can help you come up with a super amazing entertainment idea. Entertaining your guests with magic tricks will keep them laughing their hearts out. It will also create great memories that will make them always remember your day.

  1. Invite a Celebrity

Having a well-known celebrity at your wedding will have all people turning their necks. However, it is almost impossible to get David Beckham to come to your wedding. In that case, you should look for someone who looks like him. Your guests will get confused and have a laugh at it after thinking they actually confused your friend with a celebrity.

  1. Surprise Song

If one of the waiters who were serving your guest breaks into song, then the entire reception would break into laughter and they would feel entertained. There are those waiters who really have sweet voices, let the DJ capture the attention of the guests by introducing the singer.

  1. Start Gazing

If the sky is clear after the wining and dining, then lay some mats and place lanterns in the garden. Let nature do the rest. However, if the weather is unfavorable, then the DJ should play some music and let everyone dance the night away.

  1. Bring Las Vegas to Your Wedding

When it comes to entertainment, you are not limited to the option you can choose. You can bring lady-luck at your reception by creating Las Vegas like casinos. The money does not have to be real but the betting should be real. It will be real fun.

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