The 27 Principles of Magnetic Therapy

Principle 1: Magnetic fields go through the body as if it wasn’t even there – even the bones are essentially transparent.

Principle 2: The shape of the magnetic fields produced by a given device depends on the coil design. Understand your device’s coil design to know where and how to position the applicator(s) or the device.

Principle 3: The strength of the magnetic fields drops off with distance from the surface of the device. This is much more important with static magnets than pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). It is not known what the lower therapy limits are for PEMFs in terms of field strength. More is not always better.

Principle 4: The amount of time magnetic fields (MFs) are to be used clinically depends on the level and extent of the problem. Lower intensity fields are expected to be able to be used for longer periods throughout a day than higher intensity. Likewise, often lower strength fields may take longer to work than higher strength.

Principle 5: Higher strength fields or use of many other weaker for extended times are more likely to cause “aggravations.”

Principle 6: Let the body tell you what it needs. Every body is different. Every treatment session is like starting over again because the body will have changed at least a little from one session to the next – whether because of the treatment or because of external factors. If the body is readily accepting the treatments keep them at the same duration, intensity and/or frequency or increase to the next step. If it is not accepting the MF well at any particular step, decrease the duration, intensity and/or frequency of treatments.

Principle 7: For static magnets to be kept comfortably and easily on the body is often the biggest challenge in getting acceptance for their use, especially in people who have limited patience or lack enough understanding of their potential value.

Principle 8: Exposure to PEMFs is a bit like throwing stones in a pond. The ripples carry on for long periods of time after the exposure.

Principle 9: All PEMFs will produce harmonics with frequencies beyond the frequency/ies of the device used. It takes time for these harmonics to play themselves out. Spread daily treatments out to allow these harmonics to develop with preferably a 6-8 hour gap between treatments.

Principle 10: The use of single frequencies for long periods may lead to tolerance, with resulting “escape” from or loss of a benefit previously experienced. An example is that the scent of a rose in room is no longer perceived after some time is spent in the same room even though the rose is still there.

Principle 11: Mixing and matching energy devices or treatments with different frequencies may result in enhancement or may result in cancellation. There is little research to guide combining technologies. Matching static magnets along with PEMFs can usually be complementary.

Principle 12: It is hard to heal depleted tissues. Nutrition needs to be sound and supplements may be very helpful. Since many MF effects are mediated through ions, especially calcium, sodium, and potassium, these ions and electrolytes need to be at normal levels in the body.

Principle 13: It’s easier and quicker to move an ion than to rebuild a tissue.

Principle 14: MFs affect charge at the cell membrane and open membrane channels – of all cells. This helps to rebalance and restore cell function. Restore enough cells and tissues will function better.

Principle 15: Circulation is improved by a large variety of MFs. This helps with healing at a fundamental level.

Principle 16: Muscle energy is improved with MFs, through myosin phosphorylation, among other processes.

Principle 17: MFs may protect cells against injury by being used prophylactically and post-injury, for example, before or after surgery.

Principle 18: Treatment courses should be more intense, for example, daily, initially, until improvement is seen and then spread out to several times a week, then weekly and then monthly. To do this is difficult from a time and cost basis unless a home system is being used, in which case daily treatments may be used until the issue is resolved.

Principle 19: MFs used daily in the home may be considered a prevention or health maintenance program. Stress reduction is useful to almost everyone daily. MFs have many stress-reducing effects.

Principle 20: There are major differences among different MF devices. These differences may be very important in what is being treated. There are distinct differences in the effects of devices at various frequency ranges – from ELFs (extremely low frequencies), to VLFs (very low frequencies), to microwave level frequencies, radiofrequencies, infrared, ultraviolet range, etc. Know your device’s characteristics to know what it’s best for and how best to use it. Find an expert to guide you in its best use.

Principle 21: Just because a device is not FDA approved does not mean it’s ineffective or unsafe. FDA approval does give you more assurance that the device will perform according to the claims made in the marketing literature supplied by the manufacturer, because the manufacturer has agreement from the FDA that the manufacturer has supplied satisfactory evidence to support the claims being made. It typically takes very large sums of money to get a device approved by the FDA. Only the biggest companies can afford to get these approvals.

Principle 22: MF sensitivity happens in about 1-5% of individuals. Use of MFs should be done with caution and proceed slowly with the amount of time of daily use and use of low field intensities, with only very gradual increases.

Principle 23: Most people will feel some kind of sensation with a MF exposure – different from person-to-person, depending on sensitivity.

Principle 24: MF therapies are usually complementary to other therapies. Rarely are MFs the only modality that should be used to treat a given condition.

Principle 25: MFs act in basic and fundamental ways in tissues and so they can be helpful across a vast array of health conditions.

Principle 26: MFs are useful for health maintenance not just for treatment.

Principle 27: If a MF system is not working, consider first whether it is being used properly before deciding that MFs don’t work. Remember the layering concept of illness.

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