Covenant of Marriage

Many people today do not realize that marriage was not designed by a government or political entity. Marriage existed centuries before governments started issuing Marriage Licenses. It was a religious act, based upon the belief that God created marriage from the beginning, with Adam and Eve.

The marriage covenant has paralleled the covenants between God and Abraham, and God and Israel. The first characteristic of these covenants is that they are binding and permanent: unbreakable. This is, of course, impossible if the agreement is only on the human level. A true marriage covenant is only possible by making God the center of the marriage.

Let’s consider the reasons for getting married that will surely bring the failure and divorce. If one or both persons gets married for personal pleasure, based upon beauty and sexuality, the relationship will fail. Beauty and sexuality changes with aging, and so, an excuse to leave the marriage will be present sooner or later. If one or both persons gets married for financial benefits, the marriage will fail. Greed is in opposition to unconditional love. There are other reasons for marrying that will also bring about its destruction, so let’s look into the reasons for marriage.

The first reason for marriage is that each will be the other’s helper and companion for life. God intends marriage as an agreement to “have each other’s back” in good times and bad. Marriage is for the ultimate human expression of unconditional love. The intention is not to change the other person, but rather to protect each other. It is to be a “safe haven” from the criticism of other people, and the stress of life. Every person considering marriage should ask themselves if they can love the other person through failure and success; through bad health and good; through financial success and poverty?

Most people think marriage is for procreation. However, the terms and conditions of the covenant exist whether there are children or not. Children were intended to be born into a family based upon covenant marriage. This family provides children safety, security and an example of unconditional love.

Marriage is not intended to be like other relationships in society. It isn’t based upon convenience and selfish benefits. Instead, it is the place of safety for two people. Marriage isn’t ordinary. It isn’t based upon economic benefits. It isn’t an opportunity for one person to be superior to the other. Marriage is a merger, not a takeover. Two become one. It isn’t my money, your money. It isn’t my success, your obedience. It isn’t my children, but our children; our house; our car; our savings; our bank account. Division of any of these concepts is the beginning of dividing the marriage.

The Covenant terms and conditions are: Unconditional Love (no matter what); Exclusivity (no matter what); Respect (no matter what); Faithfulness (no matter what); and, mutual care and support (no matter what).

In a covenant marriage, each can say to the other: I am yours and you are mine forever, exclusively.

Those who honor this covenant have the very best in marriage. Begin your marriage with Heaven’s Touch(tm).

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