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Yes, there are real, legitimate online phone psychics, and this is where to find them.  Psychic reviews from Psychic Source, Asknow, Hollywood Psychics, Oranum, Keen, and others all claim to have the best psychic readings.

Best Online Psychic Readings

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Are You Looking To Speak To A Real Psychic, But Don’t Want To Waste Your Money?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The goal of this site is exactly as it’s name implies: the truth about exactly which online psychics are real, which are good, which are so-so, and which are fake.  The information you’ll find on this site is based on reviews of what other customers have said.

…But Isn’t It All A Scam?

No, it’s not all a scam.  Yes, due to the high subjectivity of this field, and since a lot is open to interpretation, there are some unscrupulous individuals who try to take advantage of others.

There are charlatans who have taken people’s money before, and on the other hand, there are real folks out there who have also helped people.

Those are the ones you’re going to find on this site.

How This Site Works, and How To Use It

Psychic scam
Phone psychic readings can literally change your life!

If you didn’t know, there are these places called psychic networks online that do readings over the phone or thru online chat.

They’re basically other sites and hotlines you can go to to find a medium, Tarot reader, astrologer, clairvoyant, or spiritualist that you can talk to.

There are a number of these online psychic phone hotlines, such as Psychic Source, Ask Now, Live Person psychics, Psychic Access, and California Psychics. Finding the best psychic readings doesn’t have to be hard!

Various individual psychics work with these networks.  In addition to reviewing the networks, we also try to present consumer feedback and ratings about the individual psychics that work at these networks.

That way, not only do you know if the network you’re thinking about is good, but you also know that the individual you want to talk to has a good reputation.

The way you use this site is very simple: as we review more and more networks, they’ll be linked to from this page.  Simply click the link of the network you’re intersted in to go to a page that talks about it.

Then, on the page for that individual network, you may find links to promo codes, individual review summaries, tips, and discounts.

Now that you know you’ll only find honest review summaries here, that begs a question…

How Do I Find The Right/Best Psychic, Astrologer, Medium,
Clairvoyant, or Tarot Reader Online?

If this is your first time looking for a psychic reading, you may have a number of questions on your mind, just as a lot of skeptics and first-timers do.  I’ll answer a lot of these below.

  • Which network is best for me?
  • Finding the right hotline, or website, starts here: we aim to list the best and review them all.
  • Which hotline has the best deals?
  • We know that Psychic Source has a good deal where, if you’re a first-time caller, you can get 10 minutes for $10.  We like this deal because this is a true network that qualifies the peson you’ll talk to, and you can learn a lot in 10 minutes.
  • Which ones are really legitimate, and not just going to try to take my money?
  • Unless we tell you otherwise, all the networks listed on this site are basically legitimate.  There may be some that you might like better than others, but they’re all real.  The real question is:
  • Which individual psychic is best for me?
  • Not only does this site review the networks, but it also features key individuals at those networks.  One key to finding a good individual to talk to is to learn about their reading style, listen to their introductory message, and try to get a feel for whether you’ll like to talk to this person.
  • What kinds of psychics are there?
  • That question can basically be answered in 2 parts:

First, there are are types of psychics; and second, there are ones who specialize in certain life areas.

The types refers to the gifts they have and methodology they use.

There are mediums, Tarot readers, clairvoyants, clairsentients, clairaudients, astrologers (though astrologers aren’t really sixth sense psychics), dream interpreters, past life regressionists, empaths, spirit guides, pet psychics, and possibly more.

Depending on the individual who does your phone psychic reading, the life areas they can help you with are: career and money, love and relationships, destiny, communication with a love one who has passed away, pet communication, and finding lost objects or lost pets.

  • Which ones will help me with my relationship situation?
    That’s easy.  Just look at their profile.  For example, every individual adviser on Psychic Source has a profile page.  If they’re a love psychic or provide relationship advice, then that’s a good sign.
  • These are strangers.  Will I feel comfortable with them?
    You know, sometimes, there are some things you can’t talk about with people you know.  Also, with a good, reputable advisor, your matters are kept in the strictest confidence.  All you have to do is be willing to speak to someone you don’t know (but who may know you more than you think they do).

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In fact, sometimes what happens is you find someone that you like, and you go to them over and over again for advice and guidance.  They become sort of like a coach to you.

  • What kind of information do I have to give?
    Usually just a name and your birth-date.  It depends on the psychic.  They may ask you what you want to talk about.  What’s really important is that there’s a connection.  If there’s a good connection, you usually won’t have to give a lot of information: they’ll probably know what you want to talk about before you even ask.  That’s happened a lot of times.
  • What about my career?
    If you need some insight and advice about your career, a good career reading might help you out.  Some people are not sure if they should ask for a raise, or take a new positon.  Some don’t know if moving to a new location is worth it.  The answers to these questions, and other work-related ones can be found in a good reading.
  • My loved one is deceased.  Can a medium talk to them for me?
    A lot of people say yes.  It’s fine if you’re skeptical: a good medium will know things that are eye-opening, and show you that, yes, your loved one is on the other side, doing well, and understands that you did your best.

Can Psychic Source Really Help You? Are They Really The Best Online Psychic?

Or will it just be a waste of time and money?  These Psychic Source reviews (best psychic readings), based on real consumer ratings, tell the whole truth.

Do you have a burning question, or situation on your mind, there’s no one else to talk to, but you need an accurate answer…now?

Are you looking for the right type of person to talk to on the phone or via chat, but don’t want to get taken in by posers and scammers?

A good review can tell you whether going to a certain company is the right choice for you.

But, before we get to the reviews, we must take a quick look at something that stands in most people’s way of finding the right person to talk to…

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The Problem With The Psychic Industry

You have every right to be skeptical about going to a psychic or having reservations with the so called best psychic reader.  Regardless of whether or not you “believe” that there are some people who have psychic powers, the other issue is this: “How do I know who’s going to give me true, insightful advice, and which psychics I should avoid like the plague?”

That’s partly why I began this site, and that brings us to Psychic Source…

If There’s Only One Thing You Need To Know About Psychic Source

psychic source picture
Find out how these online psychic readings can help you

If I could only tell you 1 thing about this network, it’s that it carefully screens and authentically qualifies potential psychics…before they get into the Psychic Source Network.

Just this one thing solves a big problem for you: you can rest assured that the person you talk to is insightful, compassionate, and will keep your matters in the strictest confidence.

But…What Have People Really Said About Psychic Source?

“I had hope from a complete stranger that did not know me that was able to see these things.”

“There were some things that she just hit the nail on the head.”

“Somebody I don’t know, never met, have no relationship with, got me to do something that, after 25 years, everyone else just sent me in different directions.”

“I really feel like the Psychic Source has my best interests at heart.”

“I call her once a week to get guidance.”

That particular statement, taken from a Psychic Source advertisement, reveals something significant: that some users are so helped by this service that they use it over and over again.

In fact, some people call again to report on what had happened since their last reading.

That alone speaks to the validity of what the right person can do for you.

“She couldn’t see me, I didn’t talk to her beforehand, she knew nobody that I ever knew. So how could she be right on touch with me…It gives me chills just talking about it.  Honestly, she just…the way she was just so smack dab on.”

To begin to see what other users really say about this network, we have to look at the ratings that it’s actual psychics have received.

The good thing about this network is that it displays a star rating for each of it’s Advisors, or Psychics.  Of it’s over 400 psychics (also known as Advisors), I found that many have received 4 out of 5 stars from previous customers.

Tip: To find a good person to talk to, look at the rating that other reviewers have left.

Also, try to see if the person you’re considering used a methodology you’d like them to use.  For example, some psychics claim to be mediums, meaning that they can talk with others who have passed away.

Some use Tarot cards to get additional insight into your situation, or confirm what they feel.

Some advisors specialize in love and relationships.

Some are clairvoyants, while others are clairaudients.

And still others use the fascinating art of astrology to discover how your individual birth chart aligns with some of the past, and upcoming major events in your life.  Generalized “horoscopes” may be fine, but to really get insight into your life, you need an astrologer who can look at your birth chart and tell you how the planetary alignments are affecting the major dynamics in your life.

Can Psychic Source Help Me With My Problems?

Phone Psychic Readings by Psychic Source
These folks have the best psychic readings

People usually go to an astrologer, a medium, or a Tarot card reader when they want to know the answer to some important, impending question (or, if they have many such questions).

Usually the person feels that this is an issue that others either don’t know about, are biased about, or simply feels that they can’t talk about this to other people.

Most of the reviewers I’ve read confirmed that the people they choose were intuitive, insightful, and accurate in their recommendations.

Over and over again, I’ve heard many state that, “He/She knew things about me/my family situation that no one else could’ve reasonably known.”

Many consumers have rated this network’s psychics for their ability and accuracy when answer questions about:

Love: Is he right for you?  Does he or she really feel for you the way you want him to?  Should you just break off this relationship and move on?

Is there another person that you have feelings for, but are already in a relationship, or marriage?

These are serious issues that a qualified psychic can help you through.

Work and Career: Should you take the job, or position?  Will this job help make you happy, and facilitate an environment where you can contribute and grow?  Will this course really further your career, or is it just a “requirement” that won’t really help you? Is there a person you’re not getting along with at work?

Bonding with Your Pet, Here or There: If you ever wished you could “speak” to your dog or cat or horse, a good pet psychic can do so for you.

Is your dog lost, and you don’t know where he/she is?  One lady who phoned Psychic Source was in tears: she had lost her dog.  She was desperate to have her companion return to her.  She was told to “check next door,” and…her dog was there!  The neighbour had found the dog, and wanted the dog to be safe.

Do you have a pet who has moved on to the afterlife?  Hey…there’s no shame in wanting to keep in touch, and a pet psychic, or medium, can do that for you.

Psychic Source Is NOT For Everyone

Perhaps one of the hardest things about phoning a psychic may be opening up to a stranger.  You’re going to discuss things that you may not feel comfortable with if you were talking to a friend or someone else you know.

If you’re not willing to open up to an advisor and carefully consider their advice, then maybe this network isn’t for you.  That’s not to say that Psychic Source is bad–the reviews show that people have had great experiences–but it’s not for unwilling or those who think things are doomed.

If you have severe mental health issues, then understand that this is not a replacement for medication or professional psychological help.  A psychic may be able to see what’s causing your problems from a spiritual or energetic perspective, but they’re not doctors or therapists.

But, what if you’re really ready to talk to someone, but you’re just afraid of getting scammed…?

Have The Right Expectations

psychic reading Right Expectations
Your expectations should be high when getting a phone psychic reading.

First, you must understand that you’re responsible for fulfilling your destiny.

An astrologer, Tarot reader, or clairvoyant can only tell you likely probabilities, not 100% certainties.  They can tell you, “You’ll see him come into your life when A, B, and C,” and there’ll be a very good probability that’ll happen.  But, you must also follow the clues and do what you can to facilitate that.  A good advisor (psychic) can help you do that, too.  They’ll tell you the signs to look for.

Second, not everything is written in stone.  If you go to Psychic Source for career advice, then in your reading, you might hear that “If you continue on the path that you’re on, this, this, and that will happen.”

If you don’t like what you hear, then you can change it.  Just change the path that you’re on.  If you like what you hear, then follow the advice and stick to your original path.

Best Offer and Satisfaction Guarantee

Basically, if you didn’t like your last reading, and it’s within 1 business day, you can ask for a refund.

So, if you got a reading on Thursday, you have until Friday to get a refund.

Yes, that is a bit short, as it can take days, weeks, or months for some destinies to unfold, but some callers know right away if there’s a connection or not.  If you call a psychic, you have the reading but didn’t feel good about it right away, that’s when it’s ideal to use the satisfaction guarantee.

More About Psychic Source

Psychic Source, established in 1989, is one of the oldest, most established psychic hotline networks online.  It’s one of the most popular, and probably has the greatest number of consumer reviews of any hotline online.

All psychics that work at Psychic Source have to pass some authentication tests, so it has no fake advisors.

With it’s 25 years of experience, this network knows that good, compassionate advice can really help you see what’s on the horizon, and lead to immense happiness.

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